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The History of Lantana

Lantana started with a vision in the summer of 1999.  A desire to create a place so master-fully planned it would surpass any other. To do so required a commitment unusually broad in scope.  A commitment to the needs of families and the future of their children.  A commitment to quality in every detail, to environmental preservation and to residents that would extend far beyond mere physical spaces.  Inspired by the Texas hill country-like terrain, the developers re-named the community after a native Texas flower which attracts butterflies.  Lantana’s Hill Country theme was created and carried out from the landscaping and German-influenced low stone walls to the architecture and historic windmills.

Over a decade later, the results speak for itself.  Recognized as one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s top selling communities and recipient of more industry and customer service awards than any other DFW community, Lantana has fulfilled that vision and continues today to break new ground in creating a master-planned community that serves the ever changing lifestyles of today’s families.

For decades, Lantana’s 1,780 acres of peaceful rolling terrain in Southern Denton County was known as Rayzor Ranch - the home of the Rayzor family, a prominent Denton family.

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Developer Information

Forestar Group is a real estate and natural resources company with a strategy to recognize and responsibly deliver the greatest value from every acre.  Forestar's strategy originates from their commitment to developing real estate and natural resources to their highest purpose.  Forestar's real estate holdings span several states in the U.S. sunbelt markets and encompass over 100,000 acres.  Forestar's experienced team manages through the complex course of community design and infrastructure construction to create exceptional residential and mixed-use communities.

Each new development is thoughtfully designed with the community's shared values, needs and preferred lifestyle mind.  As a result, we design communities that have a sense of place and that are sustainable for generations to come.  For more information about Forestar, please visit their website at

The Lantana Education/Charitable Foundation was created for providing activities or infrastructure to support quality of life, including cultural, educational, charitable, recreational, environmental, and conservation activities and infrastructure that directly benefits Lantana.  It is funded by one-half of one percent of the sale of all real estate sold or transferred within Lantana both current and future. Paid by the developer at the time of lot sale, builder at home sale, and then resident at re-sale, all funds go into this foundation